Sole Blu is a flexible and versatile boutique destination management company based in Sicily, Italy.

Our hallmark is attention to details with a profound knowledge of Sicily and its potential as a holiday and business destination. We can create any travel idea, tailor made to your needs your styles and your budgets. The company offers a complete range of travel services from specially-planned travel journeys to incentives and conferences.

Sole Blu is now shifting focus from “regular tours” to Responsible Travel Journeys with a variety of new hand-picked travel experiences designed to maximize the benefit and minimize the harm involved in travel.

Tailor-made services

Every Step of the Way

  • Step One

    Tell us about your dream journey

  • Step Two

    Let us give you dream options

  • Step Three

    Create your own journey

  • Step Four

    Let us assist you during your journey

A new concept of luxury

Luxury Travel

In order to make your Sicilian Journeys even more special and enjoyable, Sole Blu Dmc offers to all our guests personalized local assistance during the entire length of the stay from the moment you arrive and until you actually leave for your next destination.

Luxury Travel Services include:

Hand-picked Luxury Accommodation
Airports Meet and Greet with Private Transfer
Expert Local Guides
Inspiring Sightseeing
Entrance Fee & Taxes


Luxury Travel Assistance

  • 24 Hours Assistance
    while You travel
  • Add new daily
    excursion on the go
  • Local Reservation
    with private assistants
  • Exclusive access to
    to local opportunities
Responsible travel

Responsible travel

The importance of travelling responsibly has never been greater.

Our Responsible Travel Journeys are designed to maximize the benefit and minimize the harm involved in tourism with an emphasis on local environmental, social and economic grassroots initiatives.

There are a lot of misconceptions that being a responsible traveler means you have to travel backpacker style, low budget as basic as possible and never flying on a jumbo jet because of the carbon emissions. While the idea is admirable, it's just not realistic for most travelers.

To be a responsible traveler, you are making an effort to go deeper than a surface, guide book understanding of the places you visit. It can be as simple as small changes to the way you view your journey to new places and how you interact with local culture.

Being socially and culturally aware when you travel , understanding your effect on the places you visit and trying to make that affect a positive one, will enhance and enrich your travels in so many ways and improve the world around you at the same time

Meetings Incentives Conferences & Exhibitions

Meetings Incentives Conferences & Exhibitions

As a result of 25 years of experience in incoming tourism, Sole Blu has a perfect knowledge of the Sicilian territory. The company provides its expertise to business companies that wish to organizing tailor-made incentives.

Since 2003 Sole Blu is a CME Provider (Continuing Medical Education), offering health training and scientific updating to physicians in order to maintain, develop and increase their knowledge, skills, and professional performance. With the birth of the new ECM System (2011), we have expanded our training programs in regards to Residential Training. The new CME system includes a series of innovations: among these the Professional Training Catalog. The catalog allows each healthcare professional to optimize an individual course, according to their specialty and cultivated interests. Sole Blu also manages the whole event accreditation process.

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